Sunday, November 09, 2008

November already!

I can't believe that we're already almost two weeks into November. Time is flying by so fast. I did some serious retail therapy and now I am having a bit of regret on a top which I believe I will be returning to Nordstroms. It was cute but so not worth the cost. I was going to wear it to see Cobra Starship and Forever the Sickest Kids, but in the end, we didn't go. The good thing was that I had to go down a size in jeans. Yippee! I've lost like 12 pounds in about 3 weeks. My goal is a whole heck of a lot more, but I will make it. I've got a year before my next skydive. I want to wear the green suit.

We're going to see my friend Chris' band, Puppy Jet, next weekend. He doesn't go on until 11. I told him that was usually the time I'm coming home from places, not going out. It should be a good show though. I always have fun with Shannon at concerts.

I am cooking Thanksgiving for my family this year but taking it over to my parents' house. Last year was so nice and I hope it will be again. I love that all you do on that day is eat, watch TV, play games and sometimes we go to the movies. Speaking of which, Twilight starts November 21st and Shannon and I are going to go after school to see it. Yippee! I am so Team Jake but I realize that Bella and Edward belong together. If it had been me doing the picking, I so would have picked Jacob. Edward would have literally sucked the life out of me.

This year at Thanksgiving, I will be saying a prayer for all of us that we get our little ones faster than everybody is predicting. In the interim, I have finally started moving on with my life. I'm planning on applying for an NEH seminar for teachers that will take place this summer for 3 weeks in Chicago. Wish me luck!