Sunday, November 16, 2008

Addicted to Carmen San Diego

I am so addicted to the game Where in the World is Carmen San's sick. I found the CD-rom in my desk when my 8 year old nephew came over to my house. We played it and now it is I who is playing it every night. I LOVE IT! It's so sad how much I love it.

I went and saw my friend's band last night, PuppyJet and they sounded great. I also liked the opening band before them, The Far Cries...who woulda thought my friend's band would have an opening act huh? Anyways, I stayed for the Far Cries and left after the second song of PuppyJet, not that they were horrible or anything but the smoke was seriously affecting our breathing...that's the one thing I hate about bars like that, the cigarette smoke. It was also very bittersweet. At one time in my life, that ecletic music scene was a place that I felt very comfortable with. It was like seeing my life in my 20s with my older 30something year old eyes. It was great people watching, I especially liked watching the table of guys of varied ages, pierced and tatooed, I especially was intrigued by the 50something year old mohawk guy (yes a 50 year old with a mohawk). But at the same time, I realized I am so not that girl anymore. I really didn't fit in (even though I was wearing the black long sleeve t-shirt, jeans and Ed Hardy shoes, which are super cool). I've moved on and I guess I realized how much I have grown up. It's weird to have a wake-up call at such a place. [ sidenote to my best friend Sandra: And yes Sandra, I did behave myself and let's just say that dreams are probably better than reality and it will be super long time before I even seriously consider it. Nuff said]

Speaking of real concerts, Sandra and I may bite the bullet and see our favorite band from our youth, Duran Duran. She loved Simon LeBon (or was it John Taylor...I think Simon) and I knew I was going to marry John Taylor (like every other middle school girl during the 80s). Anyways, it should be a blast.

My dad called me the other day and said, "Jamie, I think Grace is born and I think you are going to get a referral in March." (that's the second person who has said that to me...Shannon and my dad). It's weird because my dad doesn't say things like that. AND Sandra had a ladybug crawling on her in her classroom the other day. Kinda weird. So, let's hope for the best and that '09 will be a year for our miracles.