Sunday, September 07, 2008

Wimberly Days and Jack Levitt

Today I spent the day with my best friend, her hubby and her beautiful daughter at Wimberly Days. It was so fun just ambling about checking things out. I bought several crosses that said, hope, love, joy, and faith as well as some cute sandals. Then we went to eat at Inos for lunch which was very good. I made the mistake of laughing at Holly when Sandra said, "Show me your nose" to which Holly did by sticking her fingers in her nostrils. I was laughing so hard that she kept doing it over and over again. I really tried hard not to, but it was funny. I hope she doesn't keep doing that over and over. I'm super dooper sorry if she does. She likes it when I laugh. I think it's because I can be hyena like.

I also just got back from going out with some friends from work (decided I should do this more before Grace comes home). Our friend, Bob, has a band called Jack Levitt (check out their website and hear their music, )and we went to see him play at the Broadway 5050. I had a good time except for all of the smoke. I won't be surprised if I wake up later today coughing up a lung. It was bad. One of my friend's friend liked this guy who was sitting across from us. Bob told us that he was a jerk and he did look like one. My friend's friend was like sort of obsessing about him so I told her, look, why not go over there and talk to him and she responded that she couldn't. So, I go all middle school and ask her if she wants me to talk to him, which she says yes. I go over to the guy and I introduce myself to his friends and then to him and I say, "My friend at the table wants to know how old you are" to which he says, well how old is she? I replied, "She's around my age." and then he says, "Well, how old is that?" I tell him, "How old do you think I am?", which I know can be a touchy question, but it was kind of a test. He pretty much nails it on the head, with, "35" and I say, "Close enough." He tells me his age is first 24 then 27 and then I ask his name. He doesn't give it to me right away. His friend tells him, "Billy, give her your name." And he says, "Uhhhhh, I'm thinking of a sexy name, uhhhhhhh, uhhhh, Todd." I said, "Dude, a guy who can't give his own name is so not sexy." Then I leave and go back to my table to tell my friend's friend what he said. We all agreed he was a total jerk and that Bob was right. I think that made her get over him. Anyways, as we were getting readyt to leave, my friend's friend goes to the bathroom and who comes over and sits in her chair right next to me? Yeah, you guessed it, our friend Mr. Sexy Todd! I looked at him and he looked at me and I said, "What? My interested friend is in the bathroom" and he said what back. Then he asked if we were leaving? We only had our purses out! I told him that we were and when you get older you go home earlier! He stomps away and I look at him puzzled. What was the deal??? Yeah, didn't get it at all. I'm just glad I'm home now, showered and smoke free. I can feel the effects from the smoke in my chest. I hope I don't end up getting sick and having to go to the doctor. Yuck!