Monday, September 29, 2008

Another small batch

Boo-hoo for those of us still waiting. The batch looks to be small again, only getting to February 15th (which is what? 4 or 5 days?). I shouldn't be surprised anymore, but I can't help bums me out but at the same time I have to believe that China is going to surprise me soon in a positive way...I'm just thinking what goes down, must come up! So, I'm keeping my chin up and keeping up with my novenas...I'm seriously one candle and scarf away from being one of the little abuelitas who light the candles and pray to the santos.

On an interesting note, I actually have a date on Saturday. I know my best friend Sandra who reads my blog is jumping up and down with joy. I'm really not ready to be in any relationship but I figure a date could be fun...we're going to have bubble tea and play Wii at my house. Nothing major and in case you're wondering Sandra, I really haven't thought about what I'm wearing. You know, I like being the queen bee in my house and I'm not sure I want to give it up or share the power, especially the power of the remote control. I have yet to say anything to him about bad would it be to show him the nursery and say guess what? Just kidding!


Best Friend Sandra said...

I, for one, have a VERY good feeling for your little Grace for early on this coming year.

BTW, I am very excited that the "Queen Bee" MIGHT be having her a new "honey"! It is what it is, chic! I accept it.

I'll call you soon!