Thursday, July 03, 2008

Starting back on the swimming

Since my summer school job got scrapped, I realized that I needed to put myself on a schedule or I would just sit around and wallow and become the staypuff marshmellow woman. So, I have started my swimming in the morning at my subdivision's pool. I am getting up at 7:30, then eating breakfast and swimming around 8ish. I'm only swimming for a shorter time right now because holy cow, it can kick your butt. I'm still trying to work on my eating habits. Yesterday, we had our family 4th of July BBQ because my sister is working on the 4th. I made burgers, hot dogs, beans, and ice cream. It was good. We also went to see Wall-E which was an interesting movie. I liked it but it dragged in some parts. I will be BBQing for my parents on Friday just because. It is supposed to rain again today. It rained yesterday, thank God. We have been SO dry here. My lawn is yellow and crunchy and I haven't had to mow it in a while (which I'm glad but the yellow is yucky).

Hope went to the vet the other day. She got her annual visit and didn't pee when she saw Dr. Lord. She has to go back next Tuesday to get her teeth cleaned and to be microchipped. She's kind of confused about why I am around all of the time now. I think I'm invading her turf and her personal time.

Last but not least, rumor is that CCAA won't be going very far again. I think it would mean that my agency won't be getting any referrals again (unless it's expedited which it was last time). It's very disheartening for those of us waiting. I keep hoping and wishing that it's just the Olympics. I am hoping for a speedup. My paperwork (I171H) expires in July 2009. I really don't want to renew not just because it's ridiculously expensive but because we are still waiting and things haven't changed that much from the original to warrant a whole new round of stuff. I think it outrageous that we have to keep paying again and again. Our government should see that we have been waiting and waiting and waiting. We shouldn't have to pay over and over and over and over. It's like a one time fee. They should be like, "Oh, you are still waiting, okay. Let me just extend it again." Yeah, that'll happen, when pigs fly.