Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My Agency Did get Referrals

So, I was wrong about my agency not getting referrals. We had one log in date of January 23rd. Congratulations to all families who get to see their child's face for the first time this week. How exciting. You know, the funny thing about this wait as it goes along is that it feels so very close, but yet so far. It reminds me of this ride they had in Italy (where I spent several years) that I loved. It was basically the ride that had swings hanging down and it would spin. You would go up and there was a rope or something hanging up high on a pole. If you were the one to be able to reach and grab it, you'd win another ride. I was very successful. It must be my freakishly long arms. I had many free rides. Now, I must have t-rex arms because I'm grasping at a lot of nothing. Actually, I can feel the referral looming right in front of me, I just can't grab it. But, I have to say, this ride is not as fun as my childhood ride. But, I'm one step closer to my child as we who are all waiting are. I know it's bittersweet and the amount of days they matched really sucked for all of us. It makes us feel and think that they aren't getting anywhere anytime soon. It's like they are stuck in quicksand. I'm thinking it will probably be like that for a couple of months with the Olympics looming in the next month. I was looking at my agency's list of LID dates and I was noticing that for a while, until the latter part of March, that it took a long time for the dossiers to be logged in. It was like a month from DTC to LID. Then after that, it speeds up and there is about a week in between DTC to LID. So, maybe this is a bottleneck and after they get through those dates, we might see some real progress. I'm still hoping that my wait will be about 36 months (which puts me next May). I can only hope. Hope springs eternal right? Speaking of Hope (my dog), she got her teeth cleaned and microchipped. Poor thing...her mouth is sore and the anesthesia has messed with her. She's still a little loopy and totally tired. In fact, usually she'd be right next to me as I write this, but she's staying downstairs. I think the stairs are too much right now.

I'm getting ready to go down and watch America's Got Talent. There is a little girl on the show who was adopted from China who is an acrobat/contortionist. I want to check it out. Did anybody catch The Bachelorette last night? Okay, didn't see that one happening! I loved both guys but you know, I didn't love her. Jesse was my favorite (and Jason my 2nd favorite). I wanted her to pick Graham or Jeremy. I thought they would suit her better. She came off as spoiled and high maitenance. She was very pouty and sometimes her crying seemed a bit insincere. She may not be that way, but by the end of the show, I didn't care for her at all. Sorry.