Sunday, April 27, 2008

Viva Fiesta or Not!

Saturday, my best friend, Sandra, her hubby and daughter Holly and I went to the King William Fair. I have three words: hot and crowded. I got a major sunburn on my chest and poor Holly looked like she was about to melt. I spent most of my money buying large glasses of sweet tea. You know, there is something about us Southerners and our sweet tea and lemonade. You cannot get enough. It was some good people watching though. I knew San Antonio was an eclectic city but boy, you don't realize it until Fiesta week. Korn's song, "Freak on a Leash" is very appropriate during various fiesta activities when people come out showing their more interesting sides. I have never seen so many piercings, liberty spikes, various hair colors, tats and alternative lifestyles. It was fascinating. If I was an artist, I would love to have captured it on a canvas or it would have been a cool black and white photograph with the variety of people at the fair. Last year, I marched in it with my cool guys reading group. This year, I didn't get up in time to go to the parade. I did get my Pioneer chocolate chip cookies and my favorite gordita. YUM! Sandra told me that to remind her of the heat and crowds next year when she begs to go again. I hope that I'll have my daughter by then and we'll find other things to do than be herded cattle in the fiesta stampede.

The other thing I have been contemplating is whether or not I should say something in one of my yahoo groups. It seems that the wait has hurt all of us and has made us all sensitive (well duh, it sucks!). Peoples feelings are getting hurt and I think what sucks is that when we write something, our tone can't be heard. Sometimes words sound more cutting and mean than they were intended and/or people are reading other things/meanings into things. I have also heard that some members of this group have e-mailed others with children saying nasty things, which is not cool. The bottom line is that the wait sucks. I understand the envy/jealousy of people getting a SN referral before we/me getting one, but we also aren't in their shoes. We don't know what other things they are going to have to deal with. It's like being the single girl who gets upset with her friend for getting married because she wants to be married too. I totally get this last comparison, because I am a single girl and most of my friends are married. At one point, I was very envious of my girlfriends getting married but I know I haven't met my Mr. Right...just like my Miss Right Child isn't ready to come into my life right now. I have to be patient and accepting. I have to have faith because it's the only thing that can get me through this wait. I have no control so as Carrie Underwood would say, "Jesus, take the wheel..."