Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Farewell to D's Grandma

One of my good friend's grandmother passed suddenly yesterday afternoon. It was unexpected. She had been on the mend. Her daughter who lives in California was in town for a school reunion and had visited earlier in the day and she was fine. My friend says she hasn't cried yet and feels like her grandmother isn't dead. She also feels guilty because she told her grandmother she'd visit her last week but she had a crazy week and din't make it. She is a great granddaughter and is always visiting her grandmother. So, Thursday is the rosary and I'll be there to support her. I know her grandmother is no longer in pain and is with Gramps. This whole thing made me think about my grandparents. We visited them this weekend and both weren't doing well. My Granny wouldn't wake up and when she did, it was to tell me to take her shoes off because her feet were hurting. My Popo was incredibly weak and he looked so frustrated. My Granny is getting her battery replaced on her pacemaker tomorrow. I hope everything goes well. I just don't want my grandparents in pain or suffering. I feel bad that they are stuck in a nursing home because they can't care for themselves and they are stuck in non-working bodies.

On a brighter note, did anyone see American Idol? I LOVE David Cook. He rocks.


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