Thursday, January 20, 2011

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Apparently, my daughter is afraid of the big bad wolf.  They read the story the other day at school and since then we have to check the car for the big bad wolf in the mornings before we go to school.  She had a wolf color page that she refused to have in the backseat with her and I ended up putting it in the recycle bin to make her feel better.  Irrational fears!  It's interesting how she's really starting to have these issues.  She is very vocal in letting me know the things she doesn't like and the things she likes.  But, the one thing I admire about her is how for the most part, she faces her fears or things she can't do head on.  She keeps doing it until she feels comfortable.  It's really amazing.  I know some adults who would rather bury their heads in the sand rather than do the "hard stuff."  I think it's probably because she doesn't know better.  I hope she'll do this for life.  It'll help her succeed. 

My lovely niece has been watching Gracie for an hour a week so I can get things done.  It has been a Godsend.  Gracie has also been healthy (knock on wood) since November.  Today we ended having to go on antibiotics for a boogery nose that was going towards infection.  We have to nip those in the bud.  I think her being healthy has relieved a lot of my stress level.  We aren't rushing from doctor to doctor.  We are just going for checkups which is so nice.

Two more weeks until Playa.  I can't wait!