Sunday, May 25, 2008

How do you stop a dog from barking?

Okay, so here's my beloved dog Hope is now a barking maniac. Well, not so much a maniac, but when she's looking out the window from upstairs or downstairs and sees: another dog, a person or those two little kittens across the street, she goes crazy! I've taken to closing the blinds which only helps some of the time. I guess I need to ask Anna, my vet's wife, who had been working with me and Hope on walking on a leash and not licking people to death. I think the one she really goes nuts for are those kittens. They seem to relish the fact that she's inside and they like to cross the street and stretch out in my driveway just to tease her. Hope has always loved cats. I had Roscoe when I got Hope but he decided to leave because the house wasn't big enough for he and Hope. Maybe her barking is some unresolved issue over Roscoe's departure.

Go see Indiana Jones if you liked the previous triology. My family and I went today and we were all riveted, except for my mom who said he's gotten a bit long in the tooth. Well, duh mom. Harrison Ford is over 60! I still loved it for what it was...a fun, action packed movie with the similar vibe of the previous ones.