Friday, February 15, 2008

Beautiful and Bald

This week, Shannon's hair started coming out in clumps. She was fixing her hair and it was coming out. The cool thing about Shannon is her strength and her sense of humor in her battle against cancer. She kinda freaked out some kids (kids we knew who could laugh about it) who came into the library by grabbing chunks out and telling them they were making her pull her hair out. She decided to shave her head. Her daughter came home and they styled her hair in a mohawk and devil horns. They took pictures. Now she is beautiful and bald. I tel her she's lucky that she didn't have a lumpy head. It's been interesting to see the kids expressions. Some came up to her to ask her why and others came to me. The funniest question I got was, "Did she lose a bet?" Shannon and I were howling over that one. I know a lot of people think we might be crass and mean or maybe insensitive about how we laugh about these things, but we've learned that one of the best ways of healing is having a sense of humor. We've decided that the reason I haven't gotten Grace is that Shannon is supposed to have hair so she won't scare my daughter with her beautiful, bald head. I know this sounds so lame but Shannon seriously is my hero. She is beautiful strength under tremendous pressure.


HuluMama said...

Laughter is truly the best medicine! Love the pulling the hair out trick on the kids!