Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Gotta Love That Stork and Travel Training

The stork has landed yet again at my agency. For a supposedly small month, my agency had quite a few referrals for one LID date. What's good about it, is that the line has moved yet again. It's baby steps closer, but the key word is CLOSER! I'm very excited for everybody who received referrals. Yippee!

I went to travel training workshop this weekend. I took my parents (since my mom is going to travel). The one thing I learned that I honestly never knew was that not to wear religious jewelry because Christianity is illegal in China. I did a little research, being the information specialist that I am, and it's sort of true. Religion is controlled by the government and one must worship in approved government churches and no where else. I understand that they will not build more Christian churches even though Christianity is growing so people are gathering and worshipping in other places and thus getting in major trouble. Makes me happy that I am in a country where I can worship at home or at church and I won't get arrested. The other thing that I learned is that my agency hopes to still travel during the Olympics but will avoid Beijing.