Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Family Drama Update

I'm so thankful for many things. One of the main things that I am thankful for is that I am on summer vacation. I definitely have needed this break to help my mom deal with her family's drama. Let's grandparents both are older and aren't able to take care of themselves. My mom is the oldest of 5 children. My mom is 67 and isn't physically able to care for them. One of my aunt's has been taking care of both of my grandparents during the day and other people are coming in on the weekends and evenings to take care of them (everybody including my aunt is being paid...this is my aunt's primary job). So, basically, the money is running out. While my grandmother was in the hospital, another aunt and her husband decided that my grandfather doesn't have enough money left to pay everybody who takes care of them and that my grandmother needs to be a in a nursing home and that they would take care of my grandfather (who is also not in his right mind and needs 24 hour care). They convinced my grandfather of this and he told my grandmother that she is going to the nursing home and he was going to live with my other aunt and her husband. They (my grandfather, aunt and uncle) have closed all accounts and gave my uncle (who is NOT even related to my grandfather) power of attorney. So, basically there is no money to pay for my grandmother's caregivers. She's back at home! It's a horrible thing that that aunt and uncle are doing. I do agree that my grandparents need specialized 24 hour nursing home care but this isn't the way to accomplish it. In fact my mother, real uncle and another aunt suggested this a while back when we realized my grandmother needed 24 hour care.

So, bottom line, I'm glad that I'm on break to help support my mom. In a way, God knows that it wasn't a good time for Grace to come into my life because I need to be here to help my mom.

But, I'm still praying that my Gracie will be home for Christmas! May 2006 LID in 2007!


amy said...

Praying for you...Thats a lot of stuff on your mind