Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Today, more than any other day, I stop to remember my sweet girl's beautiful heart.  She has had a great and   healthy year so far (knock on wood).  She did have to get two cavities filled (without any anesthetic...she's so tough...she's my hero!) and a crown (done with a little gas) a couple of weeks ago. I'm so thankful to all of the wonderful family and friends and medical peeps who have really helped us these past several years.

We did see the cardiologist the other day and he said everything looked great.  Our concern right now is that her stamina level has diminished and that she gets blue lips after major exercise and she struggles going up a second flight of stairs in our house.  This started around the Christmas holidays.  It looks like there is going to be a cath soon but we are also trying to go to CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia).  They have a single ventricle program that would really be beneficial for us.  The kicker is whether or not my insurance (an HMO) will help defray the costs.  I am just going to put it in God's hands and He always figures something out for us.  I'm not worried.