Monday, April 25, 2011


You know your kid is getting sick when she has meltdown upon meltdown all weekend so bad that she's hyperventilating.  She won't tell you she's having problems breathing but you sure find out quick.  So, we had a rough weekend, to the point where all weekend Max & Ruby watching was taken away and I was pretty sure the Easter Bunny wasn't going to visit but in the end I know that being 3 and having a hard time breathing is a decent excuse for second chances.  We had a better Easter, especially since she slept in instead of going to Mass (which we both needed).  Needless to say, the EB did come and he brought her the Jeep that Santa got on sale during Christmas...good thing because it is small and it fits right now.  She drives like a maniac and hasn't mastered steering or braking.  All in good time though.  She calls it her "Beep". 

This week is TAKS testing.  YUCK!  I get to be a test administrator, lucky me.  I'll be glad when this week if over.  We also get to go to National Wish Day this Friday at Morgan's Wonderland, which we are excited about.  Fifteen more days until Gracie's cath.  UGH!  We have been talking about that lately.  I don't want to sugar-coat it and I want her to know it's coming.  I always tell her about those types of things and I don't lie about them.  We talk about how scary it is and that I'll be there to help her.  I also think of treats for I have a Max & Ruby DVD for the cath.  For the surgery we'll do some sort of surprise every day while we are in the hospital.  I have also talked about why we are doing this too that she has a heart that is special and needs extra help.  I know it frustrates her because she wants to be like everybody else.  But we take it a day at a time.  She was pushing her baby, Kiki in her stroller the other day and I thought, "Will she have the opportunity to be a mommy?" and "She can adopt if she wants.."  Who knows what the future holds for any of us.