Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Busy Times

Things have been so incredibly busy.  Grace is going to be in two heart calendars this year...the local mended hearts calendar and the national Saving Little Hearts.  I think it's pretty neat that she gets to be part of these two organizations.  She's also getting her Make A Wish to meet Elmo (at Sesame Place).  I think we are incredibly blessed that we get to do these neat things.  Of course, it sucks that the reason she gets to do these things are because she has some pretty serious health issues.  We still have one more surgery and we are trying hard to stay healty.  Cross your fingers that she doesn't get sick again...we finished antibiotics (for the 4th time) yesterday.  She was cranky yesterday and this morning but in a great mood today.  I don't think the allergens help.  I can't wait until she has her second surgery and gets older so that her immune system is built up and she doesn't catch everything.  I'll be glad when we aren't visiting our doctor every other week, even though we like her a great deal.