Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Paperwork and Dog Obedience Class

I got my Fed Ex of my daughter's official referral. The actual date they signed off was the day after my birthday...now that's truly a great gift. Now I'm off to make copies upstairs and get everything that is needed so I can fed ex it back tomorrow. My head is a spinning but I got my lists. I have learned that lists are so very important.

I also got good news today that my daughter will qualify for a nonrecurring adoption subsidy from the state of Texas. It's like $1500. So, as I gather the other paperwork, I have another folder going for the Texas part of the paperwork. Every little bit helps.

Hope and I attended the first obedience class today. It was a community education class of about 12 dogs. We learned heel today. I guess heel is a marker word and Hope is still working on it. She did okay. We'll be working on heel this whole week. Hopefully she'll get it by next week. She also has to learn to stay on my right side too because I'm a lefty. So, we'll see how it goes. Wish us both luck!