Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Still in Shock

Yeah, I'm still in shock that I am going to be bringing home my daughter in less than six months. Who would have thought. It's like I'm pregnant and I'm getting ready to give birth. I honestly never imagine my referral day the way it happened but it's going to make a great story for my daughter. I'm still awaiting my PA and I'm praying that I will be able to travel and bring her home before my paperwork expires in the middle of July.

I have to get my fingerprints redone. I need to get that done first. I have a huge long list and I'm thankful Spring Break is next week. I can get a lot done.

Did anybody watch The Bachelor last night? Can you say big tool? Seriously he's a big tool. Ok, he made a mistake but to dump the poor girl on TV? Actually he humiliated her and then macked down on another woman. If I had been Molly, I wouldn't have taken him back. He dumped her in the first place and picked someone else...how could she trust him? But I guess different strokes for different folks. OH WELL! I'm trying to get my fix of reality TV before my girl comes home. Very crazy.