Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I just love Stork Landings...Seriously

I love stork landings. They make me so happy that parents are getting to see their child's face for the first time. I think it brings home the fact that it will one day be my turn. Shannon who has never ever made predictions thinks it's going to be in the Spring of 09. I would be happy with early summer...actually, I would be happy with any day as long as I get my child! The sooner the better! Okay, 9 more days down! Yippee!

I had my author visit by Jennifer Anne Kogler. She rocks! I'll have to add the picture that she, Shannon and I took today. I felt so bad for her because our school's AC broke and it was VERY hot, like today it's 99. I'm glad she came in the morning and it wasn't as hot. If you like young adult books or you have reader kids, her book Otherworldlies is a fantastic fantasy. It's a perfect middle school book (meaning no real violence, somebody gets frozen and no sex or cursing). It's like a combo of Percy Jackson, Lemony Snicket with a small splash of Harry Potter thrown in. It's a vampire book with a different kind of bite (not typical or anything similar to Twilight series). I didn't like the first chapter because too much info was given (and my reader's A.D.D. can kick in) but it picked up and I finished it in less than a day (I didn't want to put it down and it's not a hard read).