Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dateline NBC

I don't know if anybody saw tonight's episode of Dateline NBC which covered International Adoption in Guatemala. I knew as soon as the show started, I would start getting calls and sure enough I did. It made me sad seeing the pain on the parents' faces when they were unable to bring home their children. Some of these children were stolen from their parents. It also broke my heart to see how it affected the children. My friend, D and I talked at length about adoption and we pondered whether this went on in domestic adoption. I don't know if any country is immune from corruption...which makes it even worse because the lives of innocent children were involved. We talked about how some parents who used the same broker guy to find their child would feel if they were watching that program and saw him and found out the possibility that their child may have been stolen. How scary and horrible. She asked me what I would do if I were in that situation and I was torn. That was my child, but I owed it to her to find out the truth. She brought up the idea of life being better with me than in poverty over there, but I was still torn. It's almost like that story from the Old Testament when the two women were fighting over the son each saying he was hers and then the real mother letting go when the compromise was cutting him in half. I just hope I don't ever have to cross that particular bridge. I have to say though, I was glad they were talking about Guatemalan adoption rather than China adoption. We've already had enough bad press lately. I am praying for all those parents who are stuck in limbo in their Guatemalan adoptions. May they bring their children home soon.

On a brighter note...YEA to TK and Rachel who won the Amazing Race (my fave reality show). Actually, I loved all 3 teams left and my favorite player was Christina. But, I'm glad that TK and Rachel won.

I also have to post a couple of pictures from my niece's birthday last weekend. My youngest nephew Brennan did a lot of the picture taking and he was shooting some interesting pictures like his webkins in different poses and places around my parents' house.


Unknown said...

We watched it as well and MIchael posted about it on our blog. I know of a few people who adopted last year and it was not difficult at all but to see these families get taken advantage of was sad..

Most importantly were the children. How could you do this? This will shake the rest of their lives.