Sunday, March 25, 2007

A little red heart

I was cleaning my kitchen counter and lo and behold I came upon the little red heart. I don't think I have ever told this story. But, for some reason I feel compelled to share it. If you believe in signs, then you will probably enjoy it. If not, well, I'd skip this and skip a paragraph or so.

I think I've made it clear that I have been in a serious funk about the lengthening wait times. Those who are waiting get it. Everybody is asking. You keep giving them timeframes, and then it changes, and yadda, yadda, yadda. It gets tough telling people the same thing over again. The bottom line is that I don't know when. Then you get the "Wow! It seems like it's taking forever. And then you have the know it alls who talk about how many girls are there and we shouldn't have to wait or the why don't you just have a child naturally. What is worse is the speculation on various rumor websites. I was addicted and reading the postings of doom and gloom made it worse for me. Even hearing other families who have the same month LID making predictions that it won't be until 2008 made it even worse for me because I felt that hearing others in my predicament were giving "the word" that it would indeed be a long wait. Anyways, the first weekend in March was the annual Junior League Rummage sale. I love to go because they normally have some pretty cool stuff and great prices. I found a rolling laptop case by American Tourister in mint condition for $3.00. I thought it would be perfect for the trip to China. I opened up all the pockets and stuck my hands it to kind of "see" if my laptop would fit. When I went to pay, the lady really checked the pockets and compartments to make sure there wasn't anything left by the previous owner. There was NOTHING! I watched her and I had already looked, I promise it was thoroughly checked. Several days later, I decided to actually put my laptop in the case to see if it would work. I had been feeling especially blah. I think I was reading that China was going to match a lower number of referrals. Anyways, it fit. I stuck my hand into the bag to get it out when I felt something smooth and cool against my hand. What was it? I grasped a hold of it and pulled it out. It was a small, red glass heart. That was weird. I KNOW it hadn't been there before. Was it a sign from my daughter, my spiritual guide, my guardian angel that Grace is coming and it will be here sooner than I can imagine? I think so. I think I needed a sign that good things are coming down the shoot. I will be getting my daughter this year. There will be a speedup. I'm saying it again all loud to all those naysayers. May DTC 2006 in 2007. If you choose to believe that it won't happen until 2008, that's your choice. But I choose to believe in my heart that it will be in 2007. Just don't rain on my parade and I won't rain on yours.

Okay, so I saw a ladybug today when I was weedwacking my backyard. The more I see them, the happier I become. I've decided to also buy a lawn mower and mow my own lawn. Yep, not one of my favorite things to do but it will save me money in the end and get some exercise. I'm a little allergic to the grass so I'll wear the mask and goggles and gloves. I found a couple that I liked at Lowe's but I'm also going to check the Bxtra. I also want to plant a couple of trees and get my flower beds and fountain working again. I know, I'm nesting or becoming a little more domestic. My shop teacher is going to build me a covered deck in a month or so. It'll be nice to sit outside in the shade and drink rasberry tea. Maybe I can have him put a swing up or a glider...hmmmmm.

Saturday was my best friend's baby shower. She is having a girl named Holly and I know that our girls will be best friends. Holly got this cute tutu and I want one for Grace too. I have already claimed it as a hand me down. Helping host this shower made me start thinking about Grace's and baby registries. I'm perplexed on having one right after referral or a little while after we get home. I don't know. I guess I'll have to think about that.

Finally, I need to give a big shout out to my awesome waiting buddy Diane who sent me the coolest gift. I got a onesie that says "Cute Chick" (I love it and I want one for me, not the onesie part...and those who know my nickname of library chick will get it). I loved the bib and the stuffed chick. My little chick is going to be stylin and profiling.

So, I've been very long-winded in this post. So sorry to those still reading. I'm also attaching pictures of the glass heart and of the cool gifts. Until next time.