Tuesday, January 16, 2007

No School Today

Last night as I was watching Tv and flipping between I LOVE NY and The Golden Globes, I got a little gift. My district has cancelled classes for today due to the icy conditions. Woo-hoo! I get to sleep in another day. Of course, I'm stuck at home, but that's okay. I get to read, lay on my couch and watch TV. I have an appointment to get my last Hep B shot, but I need to check on the conditions and see if they are going to be open. My poor nephew almost had to be put into the hospital yesterday because his asthma was pretty bad. He is doing better but he is seriously grumpy. Hope, my dog, has serious cabin fever and wants to go outside. I'm probably going to walk her in a little bit. It'll do us good just to go around the block. I need to watch for ice. My back patio has a thin sheet of ice on the furniture.

I'm also going to check out vegas.com to see what shows are going to be there when Denise and I go to Vegas for Spring Break. I figure this might be my last hurrah before I become a mom. I'm really looking forward to going and people watching. It would be nice to win a little money. I keep teasing Denise that she's going to find her man and stay in Vegas. But, what happens in Vegas will stay in Vegas. Yeah right.


Donna said...

My cousin actually met her husband in Vegas. You never know!

I'm envious of your day off! We'll be getting rain(thank good ness) not ice from the storm

Aggies said...

I took this week off of work... What a week to take off huh?..