Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Shopping Anyone?

Okay, everyone who knows me knows how much I LOOOOOVE to shop. But of course, it has to be on sale...so what did I do? I shopped. I found THE BEST bedding set for Grace. It's called Cute Calico. It's in my colors and has flowers and butterflies on it. I LOVE it! I read one of my adoption books that said that I should be setting up her room because it gets me feeling like a soon to be parent! Wow! It's like 9 or 10 more months, but the cool thing is, I think it made me feel this way. When I was checking out, the lady at JC Penney's commented on how pretty it was and I was like, "Yeah!" Then she asked if I wanted a gift receipt. I was kind of offended. I know I don't look pregnant, but geez, it is for me. I didn't say anything. I hate going into the whole, "I'm adopting from China" with complete strangers...which brings me to something else that happened today at lunch. A colleague asked me about the wait and I told her when another colleague interrupted with, "What?" so I had to explain it to her (don't you hate it when people butt into your conversation without asking???) ANYWAYS, I explained to her that I was adopting a baby from China and she asked me "How does that work?" and "Why?" Let's just say, we aren't really friends, just colleagues. She wanted to know why I didn't naturally have a child, like artificial inseminiation. So, this is how I explained things. "I don't think it would be a great idea for me to show up at school knocked up. We're in a middle school and I could honestly say, "I haven't a clue of who my baby's daddy is...what kind of role model would I be? The librarian is knocked up!" I also had to add that I didn't have a biological urge to have a child...just wanted to be a mom and haven't found the right man to marry. I am at that stage in life where I want to be a parent and frankly, I'm financially, emotionally stable and have a great support system, so why not????

The next question made me laugh? Was I going to stay home with her? Hello...Single parent!!!! Next question. I know I am being harsh here, but I am surprised at the audacity of some people. Would you go up to someone you really didn't know and ask really personal questions if it wasn't volunteered to you? Seriously. But, I guess that will be something I will have to accept. I know I will be questioned about my decision to be a single parent as well as being a single parent to a child who is not of my ethnicity or race or country. I get it. I'm starting to be prepared for these inquisitions. Maybe I'll handle it with better grace next time.